2017 Recap: Promos + Products

2017 was an amazing year! Besides weddings and portraits, I also collaborated and worked with a few different businesses for product and promotional pictures! As the rest of my 2017 recap, these images are in order from the year! If you'd like to check out the rest of my 2017 recap blog posts, click here! I always have so much fun working with clients and bringing their vision to life. I had the pleasure of working with Blue Fox Engraving, Leadwolf, Paperfinch Designs, Flirt Fitness, and Pen + Pillar! Please check out these awesome companies, I can't wait to work with more companies this year! 

grand-rapids-michigan-product-photographer-sydney-marie (25).jpg
grand-rapids-michigan-product-photographer-sydney-marie (12).jpg
grand-rapids-michigan-product-photographer-sydney-marie (54).jpg
grand-rapids-michigan-product-photographer-sydney-marie (58).jpg
grand-haven-michigan-winter-portrait-photographer-sydney-marie (1).jpg
grand-haven-michigan-winter-portrait-photographer-sydney-marie (11).jpg
grand-haven-michigan-winter-portrait-photographer-sydney-marie (24).jpg
Flirt Fitness April 2017-12.jpg
Flirt Fitness April 2017-22.jpg
Flirt Fitness April 2017-52.jpg
Flirt Fitness April 2017-56.jpg
Flirt Fitness Spring Showcase 2017-166.jpg
Flirt Fitness Spring Showcase 2017-214.jpg
Pen + Pillar-9.jpg
Pen + Pillar-16.jpg
leadwolf-nashville-tn-band-grand-rapids-michigan-photographer-sydney-marie (3).jpg
leadwolf-nashville-tn-band-grand-rapids-michigan-photographer-sydney-marie (6).jpg
leadwolf-nashville-tn-band-grand-rapids-michigan-photographer-sydney-marie (12).jpg