Film Scans | Photos From My Honeymoon in Traverse City, Michigan

Two months ago, Jesse and I got married and we went on an extended weekend honeymoon. Since we got married in the middle of my wedding season, we didn't want to go too far for too long. We decided to go up to Traverse City, Michigan and just explore the area and have fun. 

Of course with me being a photographer exploring new places I brought three cameras, my film camera, my travel compact camera and my Instax (which I have a little album I made that I'll be sharing as well.) Below are my unedited film scans from the weekend, which ended up being pretty overcast and a little rainy but we still had a ton of fun. The pictures are from Sleeping Bear Dunes, Old Mission Lighthouse, outside our resort and even a random seasonal road I just NEEDED to stop at. 

I love shooting with film, I've been using it with digital my whole photography career. There is just something about taking that step back and taking a chance on how images are going to turn out. There is no redo, just really knowing your camera settings for the weather and trying the best you can. 


BONUS: So I had a few frames left from the roll and brought my film camera with me to Detroit's Eastern Market. The murals there are absolutely amazing and look so good on film!