3 Steps to Picking a Wedding Date

I'm engaged! The love of my life asked me to marry him on April 3rd, and we just had our engagement pictures taken by the lovely Rachel Kaye of Rachel Kaye Photography. Last night we set on a date of August 25th 2017 and have started our wedding planning. Which gave me an idea of doing a weekly blog to help other brides in the planning process as well. Wedding planning is a lot to take in and a lot of work, from guest lists, venues, vendors, I'll be sharing my process as well as tips.

Since last night we picked out our date for next year, I want to talk about this week is picking the date and when you should do it. Tuesday we officially announced that we were engaged on Facebook, and you wouldn't believe how many messages I received asking when the big day was. Like people, I JUST GOT ENGAGED CAN'T I ENJOY THAT FOR A MINUTE??? Picking out a date is a big deal, especially for me being a wedding photographer with most of my friends being other photographers. I want to enjoy my big day with the people I care about and I want them to be able to make it. I've narrowed it down to the big three steps we took to pick our wedding date.


Living in West Michigan it can snow, rain and be 75 in the same day, so figuring out what time of year to get married is a huge step. This goes hand in hand with deciding if you're having an outdoor or indoor wedding. In this area, outdoor weddings generally are between May and October, with the busiest months being June, July and August.

Vendor availability:

We are planning our wedding a little over a year in advance so this isn't so much of an issue, but I did already check in with the photographer I want for my wedding to make sure they had the date open. Photography is most important to me, so getting the photographer I want is my number one goal. I also looked around at different venues online to see if they had a calendar of unavailable dates that I could go off from and emailed a few that we were interested in. As a photographer, I've had couples change their wedding dates so that I could photograph their wedding.

Important dates:

This can go in two different directions. Either important dates that you might want to get married on such as a parent's anniversary, or important dates that you want to stay away from such as the 4th of July. We were originally looking at September 25th of 2017, but my parents have a prior commitment that I'm not going to ask them to change.

A huge tip that I always give my brides is book your more expensive (and important!) vendors first, such as your venue and photographer. Most vendors will work with you and create a payment plan that works best for you, the more time you have the easier it is going to be to pay off.

Don't stress about picking your wedding date, wedding planning doesn't happen overnight. Give yourself sometime to pick a date that works with what you want and envision for you big day.