Why are Wedding Details Important?

Personally, as a photographer one of my favorite things to photograph on a wedding day are the details. I love photographing beautiful centerpieces, the overall look and decorations at the venue and of course those gorgeous rings. I’ve had multiple couples that are either not interested in me shooting these details or give me thirty seconds to take them, and without them I don’t feel like the day is complete. Having your photographer document the intricate details of your wedding day are not only important to tell your whole wedding story, but also to showcase the time and money you put into picking them out and putting it all together. Let’s get into the details of why details matter.

First off, details are an essential part that helps tell the story of the day. Every part from the centerpieces to the flowers helps tie together the color scheme and the overall look of the day.  When it comes to the wedding gallery and album having a cohesive and visually appealing design is very important. Detail images sort of bind the whole day together, and showcase the end result of what it took to put everything together.

Secondly, as a couple (and most of the time family/wedding party as well) you dedicate much time and thought into choosing every part that creates the overall feel and look of the day. These details can be a huge part of the planning process, especially if you are going for a certain look or theme that is being told through them. For example, this past year I had a bride who based the whole look of her wedding off of these plates she found while traveling. For her it was very important to showcase the hard work she put into matching the colors of the plates to her flowers, centerpieces and the rest of the details. Other details can be passed down from family members and showcasing them is equally if not more important in documenting the wedding day.

Lastly, couples dedicate a pretty large chunk of their overall budget to the details. Each detail has some form of cost, either for the materials to create them or for someone to put them together for you.  Each detail is a choice, from picking out a specific vendor to figuring out what goes best with what. That alone is enough to give each element attention when it comes to documenting your big day.

Details are important, so when I ask for your rings for a few images of them, don’t just hand me your hand. Give me a few minutes to showcase my creativity, your time and money and your story.