5 Things NOT to do on Your Wedding Day (and a few things you should)


Weddings are crazy busy days filled with lots of love and laughter. There are so many things you should being doing, but also a few things you shouldn’t on your wedding day so that you can enjoy it. After all, you’ve been planning for so long, focusing on all of the million things that make up your day. So it’s important that you have an amazing day. Here’s my list of five things not to do on your wedding day, and a few to do to help you relax and remember it for many years to come.


If you had to follow one thing from this list, I want this to be it. I see so many couples not eat most of the day, especially their dinner. Have your Master and Mistress of Ceremony bring (healthy) snacks to where you are getting ready, and if you are having a limo or bus service make sure there are snacks and bottles of water brought along during travel for wedding party portraits.

Please listen to your body and its needs. Wedding days are long and draining on the body, so listen to what it needs to keep on going. Especially with using the restroom; make sure you go before putting your dress on and if there is any downtime take a bridesmaid (or two!) to help you. Buzzfeed did an awesome article on a few products to help going to the bathroom easier in a dress. 


You do want to remember your wedding day right?

I use to work at a hotel and I remember seeing brides and grooms get dragged into their room because they were just beyond drunk, acting foolish and even some saying some pretty rude things about their new spouse. While I know this isn’t every couple, especially couples who decide to have a dry wedding, but just be mindful and know your limit.


There is a time and a place for everything; something my parents use to tell me all the time as a child. There are times during the wedding day where it’s okay to be on your phone, and there are times where it’s really not. While you are getting ready, taking pictures with your bridal party is a perfect time to be on your phone. During your reception, especially while your new spouse is having a formal dance with their parent (Trust me, I’ve seen it) is not the right time to be on your phone. Is updating social media more important that your wedding or even more important than your spouse? For one day, don’t worry about your phone, your friends can post all the pictures after the reception or even the next day.


I see this far too often, and it makes for an awkward moment for your vendors and others around you. Sometimes parents and members of your bridal party, despite the best of intentions, can ask a lot of questions or interrupt frequently. They are just trying to do their best to make sure everything leading up to the ceremony and reception runs smoothly. I’ve even seen siblings that are in the wedding party snap at parents and even vendors for these same reasons. Remember, not everything works the way it’s written on paper. Take a deep breath, and have someone in the bridal party look into the issue. It can be as simple as calling the florist, or having the venue move a specific table that’s not in the right place.

I’ve also seen couples argue on their wedding day because something didn’t go right. It’s your big day, let it go and have someone take care of it for you. Mistakes and accidents happen but it’s not reason to cause a scene and make it uncomfortable for those around you.

TIP: Have separate labeled boxes for items going to the ceremony, reception and with you getting ready. The day before the wedding, double check to make sure everything you need is in the right place and designate one person to take these boxes where they need to go. This way, nothing gets misplaced being in multiple bags and the items are at the locations they need to be.


Weddings are rarely on time, even with a wedding coordinator. Traffic jams, hair and makeup running late and even just losing track of time; it happens. Don’t stress about everything being perfect and to schedule and just go with the flow of the day! At the end of the day you’re still getting married, and everyone is there to celebrate you.


Now you know a few things you shouldn’t do on your wedding day, here are two things you should.


Your wedding day is a celebration of you and your significant other; every guest that is at the wedding is there to support and congratulate you. All the planning and time spent in preparation is over, enjoy yourself and the company of everyone around you. Live in the moment and be in the moment, create memories that you will remember for a lifetime.


This is one thing I try to have my couples work into their timelines. Just a few minutes alone together, not even with the photographer. You need a moment to breathe and a moment to spend with each other without all the hustle and bustle around you. I’ve had couples who have done this after their first look, just to help calm each other’s nerves before the ceremony and being the center of attention for the rest of the day.