Five Tax Write-offs for your Wedding

Let’s be real, weddings are expensive. From the cake to dresses and rings, everything has a hefty price tag just for one day. However, there are a few ways to get a little kickback from your big day. Here is a list of five items that can be tax write offs.

Wedding favors: Instead of that box of mini chocolates or that beer koozie, make a donation to a charity on behalf of everyone at your wedding. You’ll be helping others and getting yourself a tax write off. Some ideas of charities are local animal shelters, foundations for health research, national parks, and local food banks.

Gowns: There are two different ways to donate your wedding gown to a non-profit organization. There are non-profits that help brides in need that can’t afford a wedding dress or there are non-profits that turn your wedding gown into gowns for babies gone too soon. You can also donate flower girl and bridesmaid dresses, as well as candles and other decorations that won’t spoil.

Venue: Is your venue a historical garden, museum or a state or national park? The fee you pay could be deductible as a donation. Check with the venue or park website for more details.

Flowers and food: Depending on your caterer and how they handle leftover food, you can take the leftover food and flowers to a homeless shelter or similar non-profit organization. Another great option for just the flowers is to take them to a senior living center. Not only will you have brightened someone’s day, but with a receipt you’ll be able to deduct the value of the items donated.

Gift registry: There are multiple online registries that you can request your guests to donate to a charity instead of a gift. This is a great option for couples who don’t need a gift registry, plus it’s a great way to give your guests a tax deduction as well.

With all write-offs make sure you have the receipts and contracts if applicable, so you’ll have the backup available at tax time. Weddings are full of fun and excitement; why not get a little money back on your taxes for all the planning and hard work you put in.