My location wish list for 2017


My friend Rachel has been getting me inspired to post dream location/session ideas I have. I love the idea of photographing in places you'd never really think to and making them beautiful. I would love if anyone could help make some of these happen, that would be awesome. This is just a random list of thoughts and ideas, I will be adding more as time goes on! 


Elopement in the UP (Pictured Rocks or in front of some of the waterfalls)
New Orleans, LA (elopement or full wedding)
San Diego, CA (elopement or full wedding)
Marfa, TX (elopement or full wedding)
Anywhere in the PNW (elopement or full wedding)
Mackinac City (I’d love to photograph a wedding couple on a tandem bike!) 
Anywhere in Maine

Session ideas:
in a yurt
at a laundry mat
at a grocery store
in a log cabin
at the mall
at a brewery
in the kitchen (baking or cooking a pizza) 
in the black marble tub I have
on a boat 
in a field of flowers (maybe during Tulip Time)
at a greenhouse
at the farmer’s market
at a candy shop
in a lighting store (There is a really cool one in GH I’ve always wanted to shoot in)

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