100 Days till I Do : Week 1

Being a bride and a wedding photographer I wanted to do something different for the last 100 days until my wedding. I want to showcase the good, the bad and the stressful as well as document this exciting time for myself! I will be blogging every week a picture or two from each day and talk about what is going on in my life as well as with final wedding planning. Welcome to week one. 

Day 100: Matt's 30th birthday. Birthdays are always a big deal in Jesse's family, so after I got out of work we drove to Jesse's parents house for dinner, dessert and presents. Jesse's mom made BBQ ribs, grilled brats and had various sides, Jesse's grandma made Matt a peanut butter pie cake as well. With Jesse's family living 45 minutes away, we don't get to see them as much as my family so it's always nice when we can get together.

Day 99: Invitations. I've been waiting to start putting together invitations until I heard from our reception venue. When we booked we knew that they were going to be redoing their kitchen, but it seems like the date keeps getting pushed out and pushed out to when we will see a menu or even know how much food is going to cost. It's been super frustrating, but after following up again (since I was told May in January) I was told June 1st I will receive an email with the menu. I'm really hoping that is true, I want to get most of our invitations out by June 1st, since I have them due July 20th.

Day: 98 Wedding Photo Prep. The day before a wedding, I try to relax as much as possible and get all my gear together so I am ready to go in the morning. To me relaxing is huge, especially with my tendonitis, I want to be on my A game for any wedding. I am also a crazy weather nut and check the weather constantly, just in case I need to bring any rain day accessories, such as a clear umbrella or my rain boots.

Day 97: Libby and Alex's Wedding. Happy first full wedding of the year! Libby and Alex's wedding was so beautiful! It was a super crazy day, especially since they only time it rained was during the ceremony, and it DOWNPOURED! Every wedding I photograph makes me realize I am that much closer to saying I do myself, fighting back the tears during the daddy-daughter dance is always the hardest for me. 

Day 96: Fish Tank. While I was at the wedding yesterday, I asked Jesse to pick up what he needed to get his fish tank going in our living room. The guys are getting ready at our house and I was really tired of looking at an empty fish tank in the corner of my living room. I know nothing about fish or fish tanks, but apparently we have to wait to get fish, but it looks super cool right now. The cats were curious while Jesse was putting it all together, but after that they don't seem to mind it, we'll see about that when we get fish! 

Day 95: Jethro. My cats mean the world to me, especially Jethro (for those of you that don't know, he broke one of his front legs right before Christmas, and spent almost three months in a cage to get better). Picking up a second job has been really hard on me, I miss being at home with my cats and being able to be more creative and put all my time into my business. But, I want to make our home and wedding special and with that we have to make sacrifices. Jesse has been working 50+ hours a week, and I've been all over the place between both jobs. Balance hasn't been the easiest, but it will be all worth it in the end. 

Day 94: It's Okay. I have a confession. I bought a wedding dress that was two sizes too small back in November. (Let me be honest here, I only paid $70 for it on clearance) I had the option to get a different color in the right size, but I wanted to challenge myself to get back into shape. Before I started dating Jesse I was in a verbally and mentally abusive relationship and food really became my comfort. I became a very active person stuck in an unhealthy body, and I was having difficulty doing the things I love and wanted to do. Since December I'm down 17 pounds, and I plan on trying on my dress with my mom next weekend. I'm a little nervous that it isn't going to fit, but I do have a few options for backup. I just have to keep reminding myself that no matter what happens, I am still getting married to Jesse and everything is going to be fine. 

Week one is done, I can't believe how quick the time is going! I will be posting these blog posts every Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning if you want to keep checking out what is going on in my life and with wedding planning.