Grand Haven, Michigan | I do, Redo | Sara + Jacob

Wedding photography is so important to me that whenever I hear a couple have issues with their photographer it really upsets me. This time I got to do something about it and it was absolutely amazing. When I first heard about Sara and Jacob's situation from another photographer who wasn't going to be able to photograph their redo, I knew I had to help. What had happened was that they hired a wedding photographer from a friend recommendation who had photographed events and seniors before so it seemed like a no-brainer. After the wedding they never heard from them again, not even mutual friends have heard from the photographer.

I loved that Sara and Jacob wanted to make the session personal to them, especially the fact that Sara brought a picture of her dog that just recently passed before the wedding. The whole session was a ton of fun, just being with the two of them for a few minutes I could tell how much in love they were with each other. 

I am so happy I was able to help Sara and Jacob and give them a few pictures of them together in their wedding attire. I also want to thank Fleurology Designs for the lovely bouquet and boutonniere as well as Monica from Cheeky Strut for doing Sara's hair and makeup. I do still hope that the original wedding photographer turns up and gives them their images, 

Photography: Sydney Marie Photography
Florist: Fleurology Designs
Hair and Makeup: Cheeky Strut