100 Days Till I Do: Week 2

I'm not going to lie and say I did a ton of wedding stuff this week. With Memorial day being one of the biggest retail weekends for home improvement, I ended up working every day that I wasn't taking pictures. Welcome to week two, the numbers keep ticking down and life isn't slowing down. 

Day 93: Office Time. My days and mornings off are usually spent in my office editing, emailing or blogging. It's a work in progress, but it's my space to work and brainstorm for my business. I finished up an engagement session for a girl I went to high school with. Check it out!

Day 92: The List. When I started planning my wedding I printed out the best list I found online that wasn't full of frilly things that didn't matter to me. It's definitely something I've been sticking to with planning month to month. Things have changed from last April until now, but that's the game with wedding planning you really never know who your real friends are till it comes down to big things with responsibility. 

Day 91: Second Shooting. I Spent my Friday second shooting for another photographer. The wedding was really simple and pretty. I don't photograph a ton of golf course weddings, but with it being Memorial Day weekend the course was pretty busy despite there being a wedding going on. I was definitly worried about someone getting hit by a golf ball during the ceremony, but thankfully nothing happened. 

Day 90: Party Time. I ended up having to work all day Saturday, but afterwards Jesse and I went to our friend Julie's house to celebrate a mutual friend's son's 18th birthday and just hang out with some really great people. One of my wedding couples is also a mutual friend so Jesse got to meet them as well. 

Day 89: Work and Relaxation. Like I said I ended up working ALL weekend, so the little time I could spend with Jesse was just relaxing and hanging with the cats. Jesse bought new work shoes on Friday while I was at that wedding, and of course as soon as he took them out of the box Jethro jumped in the box. I've never met a cat that loved being in boxes more than him, as soon as you take ANYTHING out of a box he is in it. 

Day 88: Memorial Day. Memorial Day started after the Civil War to remember military personnel who died in active duty. As a kid I remember on Sunday we would drive to Sullivan Cemetery where my Grandpa is buried for a service. The cemetery is in the middle of nowhere down a dirt road in the woods, and the mosquitoes are HORRIBLE. Over the years the veterans putting on the service would change, names would be added to the list buried in the cemetery, but the meaning was always the same. I haven't gone in a few years, but I never forget the ones who have fallen for what I have today. 

Day 87: Tuesday. Another cat picture Sydney? YEP.  I didn't really want to take a picture at the dentist office, or doing dishes because that's pretty weird. I mainly just relaxed from the crazy work weekend, worked on editing a wedding and cleaned the house. I also tried to make Doritos crusted fried green tomatoes, but they didn't taste as well as just regular bread crumbs.  

If you missed my week one post, you can check it out here. I will be posting every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning until my wedding!