100 Day Till I Do: Week 10

This week has been a good mix of wedding and business, so I really can't complain. The days are really ticking down now but it's going to be so worth it. Still have some odds and ends to work on, but we'll get there. Here's what happened in week ten! 

Day 37: Work grind. Gearing up for being gone for three days, I've been getting as much emailing and work done as possible. Of course, someone thinks otherwise, and believes that the spot between my computer and keyboard is his place to be. But, he was pretty well behaved while I was working. 

Day 36: Unsuccessful trip to find shoes.  Ever since I had to change how long my dress was going to be it's been so hard to find a pair of flats I love and feel bridal but not take away from my dress. Jesse and I went to every shoe store around the mall and still couldn't find anything, I really don't know what to do. 

Day 35: Final dress fitting. I was so happy my mom got to come with me for my final dress fitting, OMG MY DRESS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING AHHHH! Sorry, no sneaks again but Jesse and I went out with our friend Rachel to watch her boyfriend's band play at one of the local bars. It was a ton of fun! 

Day 34: Carla + Iris' wedding. I've been friends with these two since 2013 and when I heard they were getting married I was sooooo excited! They've been together seven years so it's about time! The day was so beautiful, I'm so happy I got to photograph the wedding and enjoy some of the reception as a guest. 

Day 33: Packing. This photo makes me laugh. My cats were taking turns at who was going to jump in/on my suitcase while I was packing. I know they hate when I leave and make it VERY apparent that they don't want me to go (or maybe they want to come with, who knows) 

Day 32: Trip to Wisconsin. Rachel came and picked me up to head to Wisconsin for the business photography workshop we are going to. We are meeting up with our friend Meagan at the Airbnb we booked.  

Day 31: Hustle + Flow. All the things I can say right now, this was seriously the BEST workshop I have ever been to. The Hons are two amazing people and it was a pleasure learning from them. I can't wait to implement everything I learned from them! 

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