100 Days Till I Do: Week 11

Time is flying by so fast, and the little things are adding up quickly! We're into August now, which is crazy to even think about. Cheers to week 11, three and a half weeks to go till the big day! (GAH THAT MAKES ME NERVOUS!!!) 

Day 30: Domes, donuts and a long drive home. Rachel and I took a little bit of time in the morning before leaving Milwaukee to explore the area. By our Airbnb was a little donut shop, and oh my goodness it had some amazing donuts. We also went and explored the Domes, which is a big beautiful conservatory. 

Day 29: Back to the work grind. Hustle and Flow was a huge eye opener for me and my business, and I can't wait to make the changes I need to my brand and business. But right now I'm on a pretty long stretch of working everyday so it's going to be a lot of late nights between the day job, working on my business and getting all these last minute wedding things done. 

Day 28: Timelines, emails and last minute things. Doing everything on your own for your wedding is a lot, especially when you're like me and are juggling making others timelines for their big day. I also have a giant Amazon order going of all the last minute things we need, including gifts for our parents/wedding party and the shoes I finally picked out. 

Day 27: Working on a new website design. I'm not going to lie, I haven't been 100% happy with the layout of my website, but now that I have the kick in the pants to make a better website I'm going all out and creating something pretty magical and beautiful. I can't wait to release it into the world. 

Day 26: Flea on Seventh. This awesome flea market is put on by one of my friends, Joyce who owns Vintage Green. Head over to this blog post to see more images and to learn more about Flea on Seventh. 

Day 25: Applying for our marriage licence (holy cow, this is getting real) Happy day 25! I love how easy it was to apply for our marriage licence. Everything was online, fill in the blanks, no blood test (which I think is crazy that some states still do them!) just have to wait three days to go to the courthouse to pick it up!

Day 24: Kids Day. I had the opportunity through work to volunteer for Coast Guard Festival Kids Day. It was a ton of fun! We handed out workshop kits to about 1,000 kids, seeing their faces light up was so rewarding! Although it was really my only day off in a 9 day stent, but it was really worth it. 

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