100 Days Till I Do: Week 7

Some weeks are filled with the not-so-glamorous side of wedding planning, CLEANING! I can't really complain though, it has to be done and it's better to start early rather than later. Here's what happened on week seven. 

Day 58: Bathroom Organization. I found these little flexible storage bins at work the other day, and I had to buy them. They came in grey, which is the main color we are repainting the house in, and also they are functional and good looking at the same time. I'm happy with them, and they were only $3 each, so win win! 

Day 57: Just another work day. I always feel like I need to do something wedding related everyday, and life just isn't that. Today I went to work, came home and made dinner, ate dinner, and then sat on the couch with Jesse and watched Fixer Upper till bed. I know there is so much to do yet, but sometimes we both just need a night to do nothing. 

Day 56: Planning, Planning and Prepping. I've been helping Crystal with my bridal shower, since I love to cook so much I'm doing most of the food. So planning out what I need and what I need to do before the party has definitely been an extra task. 

Day 55: Cleaning (for bridal shower, and wedding) Whenever I have time I've been trying to push myself to clean the house and start prepping for the wedding itself. A lot hasn't been done since we moved in as far as organizing and cleaning so I'm trying to get as much done as I can. 

Day 54: Stress and Breakdowns. Today, I hit a brick wall. Everything today really got to me, Jesse and I were planning on making a little trip to a farm together after watching my grandma while my parents got some time away, but it decided to downpour. After that I really just broke down. Between working a 40 hour job (to help pay for the wedding), running my business, spending time with my grandma/watching her when my parents want to get away, wedding planning and my tendinitis getting worse, I'm just at my max. The time I spend with Jesse is dinner, maybe a little bit of TV and sleeping and with my wrists always hurting I've just lost a lot of motivation. I'm just hoping things get better. 

Day 53: Mulch. We went out and bought mulch for the front of the house, and I absolutely love it. Pro tip: look for open bags of mulch at the hardware store, they usually have them on a cart for 50% off! 

Day 52: Happy 4th of July! Both Jesse and I had to work today, but can't really complain about time and a half. Since we both have to work early in the morning we decided it would be best to stay at home instead of going out to the firework show. 

Next week we will be at the half way mark, I can't believe we are already this far. Days are going by so quick, I hope everything falls into place!

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