100 Days Till I Do: The Last 17 Days

So I'm not going to lie, I failed at doing 100 days. The last 17 days before my wedding were absolutely crazy busy and full of cleaning, cleaning and last minute wedding  (which is why I'm writing this two weeks after my wedding). We did a lot of work on the house, as well as some amazing and fun things happened. I'm not going to bore you with the "on this day, I cleaned my house" but here's a little synopsis of what happened the last 17 days before my wedding. 


We finally finished our downstairs bathroom (minus the new faucet for the tub that's coming soon), including putting the baseboard down around the vanity and putting in newly painted shelves in. Jesse also finished his wood wall in his room in the basement. Which I have to say looks pretty awesome, I honestly wasn't really sure about his idea but I'm glad we did it. The last "big" thing we did with the house is I planted more flowers in the front, I've been trying pretty hard to keep it looking nice and even with the deer eating up the sweet potato vines they still came back and looked great! 

We also were able to do some fun things before the wedding, including seeing Jethro Tull for the second time together! If you didn't already know, Jethro Tull is my favorite band and any chance I can get to see him (I mean he's 71) I take it. We ended up driving all the way up to Interlochen, Michigan to see him and on our way up there we saw a rainbow (which is always awesome). The concert was absolutely amazing, the last time we saw him it was the Rock Opera, so this time was a bit different with a good mix of hits from his career.  


I also had the amazing opportunity to photograph a beautiful intimate wedding the weekend before our wedding. It was a morning wedding and included a mimosa bar and brunch! After the morning wedding Jesse and I headed over to his Aunt and Uncles for a family get together. It was really the first time of me meeting most of his family (especially the family from California!) 

We also bought Jesse a different tie than the one he rented. He actually wants to buy a tux after renting one (which is a bonus for me, I think he looks amazing in it) and also, my cats were cute and cuddling while I was working in the living room. 


So yeah, that's really the extent of the last few days before my wedding. Lots of last minute things, cleaning and enjoying what time we had together. I can't wait to share more about my big day and my experiences as a bride! 

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