100 Days Till I Do: Week 12

What a week. But seriously, what a week. Between work, all the crazy tourists in town and trying to get wedding stuff done it's been LONG. The days are winding down quick, it's almost here and I can't wait! 

Day 23: Hello Wednesday. This week is just a little to crazy to do anything. With Coast Guard Festival there are about an extra 20,000 people in this town and going anywhere (besides work) is just not a thing. 

Day 22: Working on centerpieces. With the venue we picked out, I made the decision to make our own centerpieces. I have to say I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out. It's been a little frustrating with my tendinitis doing the delicate work, but Jesse has been a huge help!  

Day 21: Last minute items and getting our marriage licence. We finally had a chance to get out of town and go up by the mall to get picture related things I need for the wedding. I bought two bouquet charms and some picture frames for the reception. We also had time to stop at the courthouse and pick up our marriage licence. Thanks to the random guy who told us where to go, too many rooms and places with the same name there. 

Day 20: Relaxing with friends and enjoying Coast Guard Festival. Coast Guard Saturday is a tradition for the last few years of going to my friend Julie's house and watching the parade and spending the whole day there till the fireworks. I love being surrounded by amazing people and of course hanging out with Julie's new pup, Bailey. She fell asleep in Jesse's arms during the parade probably the cutest thing ever. 

Day 19: AMAZON ORDER!!! It's okay to be that bride, really it's okay. I ordered all the last minute gifts I could think of and a few other things from Amazon. I'm pretty sure the mailman was not happy with all the stuff that came to the door. (sorry no sneak peeks just some empty boxes) 

Day 18: Checking off paid vendors. I feel down to the wire with some things but, that's really how it goes. Some vendors require final payment 30 days beforehand and some really don't have a defined date. So I'm doing my best by keeping track, only a few more things to pay for and we are done! 

Day 17: When registry gifts show up. I'm not going to lie, I look at my registry once a week. I just can't help it. So I did look today and saw that someone bought the Keurig that Jesse wanted. So when we got home there was a big Target box on the steps, I knew it had to be that. So I let him open it, which was pretty cute seeing his reaction. Thanks so much to my cousin Missy for the wonderful gift. Also, come on people I got a good mix of prices on my registry buy that **** up! (I mean, just kidding, but not because new kitchen and such and a few under $10 items aren't going to break the bank) 

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