4 things I learned from my wedding as a wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer, I've witnessed hundreds of couples share their love for each other with friends and family. Being on the other side of things as a bride, I learned tips I can give couples as well as things I can do as a photographer to help your day be the best. Here are four things I learned from my wedding day as a wedding photographer. 

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Details are great, but don't stress over them.

I'm not a fan of Pinterest, but I love seeing detail shots of other photographers. With my wedding I felt like I wanted all that, the styling board, vintage stamps and everything else. But, to be honest at the end of the day they don't matter enough to stress yourself out. I ended up in Home Depot trying to figure out what tile I wanted to use as a styling board and bought a few just to see what would look right. Ask your photographer for ideas, or let them do their thing and figure out something fun to do with your details. Some photographers have ring boxes and styling boards already that they can bring with. I personally love going out and exploring the grounds of the venue/getting ready site to find a unique place for detail shots, but I also love simple locations like a chair or a window sill. 

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Don't be afraid to let loose and laugh.

I actually see this a lot at weddings I've photographed, everyone is so serious and sometimes stressed (which I totally understand, weddings can be A LOT) I always tell my couples the planning is done, stop worrying about everything and trying to make everything perfect and just let it be, enjoy the day and HAVE FUN! I was stressed when I was getting ready, my hair wasn't curling right and time was ticking away but some good tunes and my matron of honor got me through it! (also, my mom is quite amazing and always makes me laugh and relax) 

Bride Tip: Plan a little bit of time with just you and your mom after getting ready, it can just be five minutes but it is SO worth it. You'll probably need some tissues, but I LOVE the pictures of me and my mom they are so special. 

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It's okay to tell your photographer/planner that you need to take a break to get a drink/snack.

I'm going to stress again how important it is to keep hydrated and not go for long periods of time without eating on your wedding day. Specifically for portrait time with your bridal party and also your new spouse. You just got ready, had your beautiful ceremony and went through the stress of family pictures, you deserve a drink...of water! If you have a party bus, make sure that there are some bottles of water besides alcohol in the coolers (yes, I know that's what the party bus is for, but take it easy, you have all night to drink) and also make sure there are bags of chips or some little snack that will help you not get too drunk too fast and hold you off till dinner. If you don't have a party bus, have a few bottles of water and snacks on hand in the vehicle so it's convenient to stop for a few minutes or while you are driving. 

For my wedding, we had water but didn't have any food, I didn't even think about it. Neither of us had ate since the morning and we didn't get done with portraits till 6pm when our reception started. Looking back, I wish I would have thrown something in the car for us to munch on the way to where the reception was and also took like 5 minutes to eat during our portraits. It would have made for some silly pictures of us stuffing our faces, but it would have made that last half an hour of portraits so much better. I know Jesse was really feeling hangry but he kept going because of how important the pictures were to me. 

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The best locations don't always look/feel the best.

Photographers come up with some odd spots for portraits, and in your mind you're like "WHAT ARE THEY THINKING, I'M NOT GOING THERE!" Hear them out, amazing photographers have an eye for things that most of us can't see. This goes for poses as well, sometimes your photographer will have you in a pose that feels a little funny, don't be afraid to ask to see the back of the camera. It might feel awkward, but the angle the photographer took the image probably looks gorgegous and makes you look like a million bucks. My photographer had us climb into the abandoned delivery door area (which was a task for me, only being 4'9) but they are some of my favorite images from my day!