5 Things I would have done differently when planning my wedding

Not everything during your wedding day is picture perfect, and like most of us this is the first time planning a wedding/planning something this big! Things happen and looking back, there are a few things that I would have done differently. Here are five things from my own wedding that I wish I would have done differently. 

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Hair and Makeup

I actually liked how my makeup turned out for my wedding, but I would have rather had an air brush style. But the main thing I was disappointed was my hair. Mind you, I have pretty awesome curly hair when it air dries, but I was in a hurry and used my blow dryer. My hair would not hold a curl (or I was doing it wrong, whatever.)

Thinking back, I wish I would have been more clear with my bridal party and had a place and time for all of us to get ready together. I had one bridesmaid that went to get her hair done and she didn't get ready with us, and my mom went to get her hair done as well. I love seeing the fun pictures of all the girls together, and I just didn't have that. 

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Flowers delivered to venue vs. my house/getting ready location

I had the flowers delivered to my house because I thought I'd want my flowers for my first look. Well, my photographer said I didn't need them, so I didn't grab them. Guess what happened when we were in a hurry to get to the ceremony? WE FORGOT ALL OF THEM. The only one that had any flowers was Jesse (I had my bouquet too, since we did some pictures with my parents before hand.) Luckily my house is just down the road and my parents are awesome people to drive back and grab them (but of course they forgot my vase and the flowers for the pies so Jesse and I had to drive back to our house to grab them after the ceremony, taking time out of our portrait time together) 

It would have been a lot easier if the flowers were delivered to the ceremony site and given to the correct people. It would have saved two trips back and forth to my house and a lot of stress. Another option, if you have two different getting ready locations is to talk to your florist about dropping off at both. It might be a little extra money, but if it saves stress and time why not! 

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Been more involved with my vendors (photographer, videographer, officiant...) 

Being a wedding photographer you'd think I'd be on top of everything and have everyone up to date on what I want and all that. Well, life was crazy and I didn't. I didn't talk to my photographer about what was most important to me and what people/things to focus on. I gave my officiant a passage I wanted read, and that was it. I just let my vendors do their jobs, I just didn't have the time to sit and request what I wanted. 

The best thing to do with your vendors is to let them know what is most important to you. I wish there was more pictures of my reception and my family instead of my friends and details before hand. Before (and even after) booking your vendors, check out their work and look at a few full galleries so you get a feel of their style and what locations and areas they prefer to photograph in. 

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Had my rehearsal dinner not at my house

Call me crazy, but the idea of having the rehearsal dinner at my house wasn't a bad thing. It just added on A LOT more stress than I wanted. I DEEP cleaned my house since the guys were getting ready there, and then to have everyone over and cook/clean everything before leaving to my parents house was a lot to handle. 

It did save us a lot of money, and like I said I do live down the road from where my ceremony was, so it made sense. If I would had more time it would have been neat to set up dinner at my ceremony site (since there was room) or to just say EFF IT and pay the extra money for a decent dinner. I didn't want to go the pizza route or anything like that I wanted something comfort food and relaxing. I also really love to cook (and I make pretty amazing pulled pork) so that was another reason why we went that route. 

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Bought real garland/flowers for reception

This is me trying to save money and do something different, using wood flowers. It took a while to find the right boxes that I was envisioning, but we found it and I actually liked how it was turning out. THEN LIFE HAPPENED. I didn't have a whole lot of time to put them together, and I didn't really have enough for what I originally wanted to do. It was just very last minute and my friend got us some garland that wasn't really what I wanted and I was pretty bummed about how everything looked together. It was simple, but not what I really wanted. 

I wish I would have taken the money that I put into the centerpieces and put them towards real flowers. I spent right around $200 for everything, which could have at least gave me some good garland or something with my florist.