Elberta, Michigan | Sunny September wedding at Elberta Life Saving Station | Carley + Geoff

Elberta-Life-Saving-Station-Northern-Michigan-Wedding-Photographer (130).jpg

Carley and Geoff’s September wedding at the Elberta Life Saving Station in Elberta, Michigan was equally beautiful as it was HOT! Their love story is one of cross country travels, two cute pups and a custom made engagement ring.

The day started out with the guys and girls getting ready at separate Airbnb’s before heading over to the venue. I hung out with the girls, while my second photographer Liv got to hang out with the guys and all their shenanigans. The ceremony was at the bandshell right next to the Life Saving Station; serious props to the wedding party for standing in direct sun the whole time inside the bandshell!!

The ceremony ended with a lavender toss, and we headed right into formal family and wedding party photos. I have to tell you, this wedding party was a blast to work with. Everyone went along with what I asked them to do, and just wanted to have a good time. The reception started with a few speeches and then it was dinner time, and let me tell you that BBQ was SO GOOD! After dinner we danced the night away and instead of a sparkler exit, Carley wanted a sparkler party! Everyone was having a ton of fun and it was just such a beautiful night.

I asked Carley how her and Geoff met and about their first date, this is what she had to say. “Geoff and I met on Match.com. He started texting me, and never stopped. We had our first date three days later at a local restaurant. It was a lot of fun, and I remember thinking how smart he was, but I wasn’t really sure about him (I had been on plenty of first dates with guys that ended up being annoying, non-committal, or just not my type). So I continued not being sure, and just taking it for what it was. I convinced myself I would just go with the flow for once - let it be whatever it would be. But he was persistent. We hung out another 4 or 5 times within that week, and every time I thought that maybe it would slowly just die out and he would slip away like most of my recent “relationships,” he never did. I just kept enjoying all of our amazing adventures, and all the fun things we did together… and now here we are!”

After that story, I HAD to ask about how Geoff proposed. “It was a regular Thursday night in December. Two nights earlier, Geoff mentioned that we should go to “that place” I’ve been wanting to take him to, down on the beach. So I made reservations. I got off work, and he was sitting in a nice outfit, waiting, on the couch. I changed quickly, and I drove us down to the beach. The restaurant requires that you park up on a bluff and walk across Pacific Coast Highway and then down through not-well lit paths to the beach -- Geoff had no idea where we were going, but I knew the way. Or so I thought. I kept checking my phone as we walked down the dark pathway (it was pitch black at 8 pm). And so he mentioned he could get his phone out and turn on the light on his phone, but I told him don’t worry, and kept walking. But I noticed that he kept fumbling in his pocket, and I told him, no it’s fine… eventually he said, Carley, stop for a minute. And I got this really crazy panicked feeling. So I just kept walking. I’m pretty sure he had to tell me to stop at least three times, before he then told me to walk back to where he was. As soon as I got back he grabbed my hand, said something about how he’s been trying to figure out the best way to do this…. And then dropped down to his knee. I wasn’t surprised, yet, I was. I hid my ring from all of the waiters at dinner, but after it started to sink in, I tried to call my mom (no answer), then my dad (no answer) -- it was 11 pm their time at this point. Then I set my maid of honor a picture of me drinking a martini, with the text “So…..” It was a really fun, beautiful dinner on the beach after that.”

Carley and Geoff I wish you both the best in your marriage and I hope you both enjoy living in Michigan. I know it’s not the warm and beautiful California weather, but there is something pretty special about Michigan. Thanks again for being so incredible and having me as your wedding photographer, your day was just so special and I’m so happy I was a part of it.

Photographer: Sydney Marie Photography LLC
Venue: Elberta Life Saving Station
Planner + Florist: Victoria's Floral Design, INC
Hair + Makeup: Posh Beauty Bar
Food: Primos BBQ
Dessert: Sweet Tartlette
DJ: A+ Event Entertainment