Hillsdale, Michigan | Romantic August Wedding at Hillsdale College | Madison + Dustin

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Madison and Dustin’s romantic wedding in Hillsdale, Michigan was so beautiful and 100% them! I met Madison through a mutual photographer friend (Sarah, who is in their wedding party) who was helping them find a photographer. They were keeping their engagement short, due to the fact that Madison was starting college again for her masters in the fall.

The day started with everyone getting ready at College Baptist Church, we had to be pretty sneaky so that Dustin didn’t see Madison before the ceremony. One of my favorite parts of the day was the prayer circle around Madison before the ceremony, it was such a beautiful and emotional moment. The ceremony was so beautiful; it was more than just the celebration of bringing them together as husband and wife, it was about celebrating and worshiping God. After the ceremony they had a pretty epic bird seed toss, that ended with Dustin having a mouth full of it!

Most of the formal photos were taken right at the church, but we also went to Slayton Arboretum for a few more of the two of them. We were all so thankful that the weather turned out perfect, 81 degrees and no rain like it had been showing all week! The reception was tented at Hayden Park and the dance floor was outside surrounded by beautiful bistro lights.

I asked Madison how her and Dustin met, and about their first date, this is what she had to say. “We met in college, the first week of freshman year! I disliked him at first (long story), but my roommate was in a philosophy class with him. She decided that he was the greatest and that we should be friends. She talked him up to me while simultaneously talking me up to him. Dustin and I finally became friends after a couple months of her persistence. (She's a very deserving maid of honor.)

We were friends for almost two years before he asked me out. We had our first date at the Hillsdale County Fair, where we rode a Ferris Wheel and ate an elephant ear. If you've ever seen/read Charlotte's Web, it was like that.”

I also asked Madison about their proposal, let’s just say this is one romantic college love story. “He was so determined to propose that he took his two-hour Classics exam in 45 minutes so he could pick up my ring before the jeweler closed. I knew that a proposal was coming sometime, but I thought he would wait until graduation. He surprised me at midnight that day with a proposal by a lake, at our favorite star-watching spot. I never cry, but I just sobbed through the whole thing. So much joy!”

All in all, Madison and Dustin’s wedding day was perfectly them. Madison and Dustin completely compliment one another. They are always smiling and laughing together, and both have very strong faith. They are, indeed, a perfect match; thank you a million times over for being so incredible. Your joy is contagious and I absolutely loved being surrounded by it on your wedding day.

Photographer: Sydney Marie Photography

Ceremony venue: College Baptist Church

Reception venue: Hayden Park

Caterer: Saucy Dogs

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN