As a wedding photographer I’m all about creating a custom experience just for you and your fiance! I am here to help you from the moment you fill out my contact form all the way up to the day I deliver your photos. I’ll be there with you throughout the whole day; crying during your ceremony and dancing on the dance floor with you throughout the night, all while capturing every moment. From photography/planning questions, recommendations, lighting, posing and more, I got you and I am here to give your the piece of mind that you’re in good hands.

I know when to be a fly on the wall and let things happen naturally but also when to keep things running smoothly by giving you direction. From the moment we start talking, I will be completely transparent and real with you. You're getting the cat obsessed, craft beer loving Whovian that I am but you're also getting the professional and confident photographer that your family will love. I know exactly what it takes to document all the moments of your day and I always give 120% to make it happen.

Based in West Michigan // Available throughout the United States.



This is Jethro, and he’s like any photographer’s child - OVER PORTRAITS.

I am a proud mama of three cats: Jethro, Janis and Morrison. Jethro plays fetch, Janis is a polydactyl and eats about everything and Morrison loves hanging out on my desk while I’m working.

I love the outdoors; I’m always trying to plan a hiking or kayaking trip on my off days.

I am obsessed with mid century modern and collect odd coffee pots from that era.

I’m pretty nerdy - I love watching Doctor Who and I’ve always been interested in history.

I say “no problem” after every thank you and I’m always down to chat about wedding plans. Wanna know more?


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