Grand Rapids, Michigan | Flirt Fitness | Promotional

About a month ago I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing group of women. These woman are the core of Flirt Fitness, a Grand Rapids, Michigan pole fitness studio. From their website, "Our studio is not only a place to work out, but a “safe haven” to sit and enjoy the company of your instructor and class sisters.  Our focus is to have every woman that walks through our door feel like they are a part of a secure family that loves them just the way they are."

Working with these wonderful ladies, especially Amy who is the owner of Flirt Fitness, has been an amazing experience. I love seeing women being empowered, and joining together in a sisterhood. 

Be sure to check out their website, they are working on opening their third location in Muskegon! 

Grand Haven, Michigan | I do, Redo | Sara + Jacob

Wedding photography is so important to me that whenever I hear a couple have issues with their photographer it really upsets me. This time I got to do something about it and it was absolutely amazing. When I first heard about Sara and Jacob's situation from another photographer who wasn't going to be able to photograph their redo, I knew I had to help. What had happened was that they hired a wedding photographer from a friend recommendation who had photographed events and seniors before so it seemed like a no-brainer. After the wedding they never heard from them again, not even mutual friends have heard from the photographer.

I loved that Sara and Jacob wanted to make the session personal to them, especially the fact that Sara brought a picture of her dog that just recently passed before the wedding. The whole session was a ton of fun, just being with the two of them for a few minutes I could tell how much in love they were with each other. 

I am so happy I was able to help Sara and Jacob and give them a few pictures of them together in their wedding attire. I also want to thank Fleurology Designs for the lovely bouquet and boutonniere as well as Monica from Cheeky Strut for doing Sara's hair and makeup. I do still hope that the original wedding photographer turns up and gives them their images, 

Photography: Sydney Marie Photography
Florist: Fleurology Designs
Hair and Makeup: Cheeky Strut


Grand Rapids, Michigan | Bookmark Product Photography | Blue Fox Engraving

About a month ago I had the privilege of working with Becky from Blue Fox Engraving, photographing her wooden bookmarks! We ended up photographing at a coffee shop and at a gorgeous mural in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can check out Blue Fox Engraving on Etsy, she has an amazing assortment of wood engraved products that are absolutely beautiful! 

The thing I love the most about Becky's products is that they are made from locally sourced Michigan wood. From her Etsy: "The maple and walnut veneers we use for these bookmarks is made at a multi-generational family owned business right here in West Michigan. Their wood products adhere to the strictest environmental policies and forestry guidelines. Their logs are purchased from well-managed forests in Michigan maintained by foresters who practice and follow sustainable yield harvesting procedures." How awesome is that? I love seeing businesses use the natural local resources to create beautiful products!

Thanks again for Megan for modeling for us, and check out the images below of Becky's beautiful bookmarks (Please be aware, there is swearing on one!)


Michigan Product Photographer | Paper Finch Designs

This winter I had the opportunity to photograph some product pictures for Paper Finch Designs in my own home. When I was taking to Amy she was looking for images of what it would look like in a customer's house. Sounds easy right? Photographing anything in your own home isn't as easy at is sounds, especially waiting for the sun to come out in a Michigan winter. 

Amy's work is absolutely amazing and I had so much fun photographing them. To buy these products and many others check out Paper Finch Design on Etsy

Grand Haven, Michigan | Winter Promo Session with A River Runs Through

I've known Nash for a few years now, we use to work together and I also did some product pictures for him when he was building guitar pedals. When he contacted me about promo pictures for his new album when he was visiting Michigan, I couldn't wait. We've been trying to plan something for awhile, but it wasn't working with either one of our schedules. When I asked Nash about location/style he said he wanted pine trees, which Rosy Mound Natural Area in Grand Haven fit the bill perfectly. The night before we were confirming the time and location and Nash said he hopes that it snows. Call it fate or sheer luck, but we were only suppose to get a dusting but ended up with a few inches by time of the shoot!

I had so much fun catching up with Nash and hearing more about his new project A River Runs Through. I can't wait to hear the new music, here is a link to his Facebook to keep updated on his new album!

Wedding Day Advice from a Wedding Photographer

I always try and give my couples some last minute advice if they are nervous before their big day. Weddings are very stressful, and sometimes you need someone outside of your friends and family to give you that extra boost of confidence that everything is going to be fine. Here are just a few of the most common pieces of advice I give to my couples.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Personally, I try to come prepared for things like hair malfunctions, dress slip ups and timing issues by bringing simple necessities that may have been forgotten. When you are focused on enjoying time with family, each other and taking in the celebration, the photos are more genuine!

Tip: Check out this Miniemergency Wedding Kit, it even comes with two wedding rings! (yes, those have been lost too!)

Have a solid timeline, and go over it with vendors/wedding party.  I want my couples to have fun and not be worried about the photos and everything else they will be thinking of that day. So with that in mind, I make sure to go over the timeline for photography a month before the big day. I also go over the must have photo list of important people or certain locations at the venue that are musts for pictures. This definitely helps set the tone that you will be not only the main focus of my time, but that I will be working hard to keep the day all about the wedding and not all about the wedding photos.

It is about your commitment to each other and not about the planning. The planning is over, let your vendors worry about what is going on and enjoy getting married. I always try and schedule in a little bit of time for you two to be alone and take a breath with each other. It creates beautiful genuine images, and also gives a moment to relax from the hustle and bustle.

Be emotionally present and take in every moment, because the day flies by faster than you can imagine! This is one thing I say OVER and OVER again, its one day and it goes by SO FAST. When things get tough (and they just might) stop and look around and remember all those people showed up for you and your fiancé. They are celebrating the both of you getting married and starting a new chapter together.

Something will go wrong, something always goes wrong. Hair/makeup runs late, something is missing and needs to be found, the ceremony ends up starting late. IT HAPPENS! It is a rarity that weddings are 100% on schedule and that’s okay! Just expect that and roll with the flow because the important thing is you will be married at the end of the day and that’s what matters.

Take a deep breath if things don't go exactly as you planned. Relax, have fun and remember you are getting married to the love of your life!