100 Days Till I Do: Week 9

This week is all about lists. Between making lists, checking lists and checking off lists, it's a nose to the grindstone week. I can't complain too much, overall it's been an amazing week and I love spending it with the people I love and care about. Here's to week nine! 

Day 44: Odds and ends. It's so exciting to be finally taking care of some of final details for the wedding. Today I ordered hangers for the girls and me and also took care of our wedding favor donations. The numbers are dropping quickly, and there is so much detail to be done yet. But everything is really coming together. 

Day 43: Guest list, last call. We spent some time looking over who we haven't heard from yet from the guest list and sent out some messages asking if they were still coming. The deadline till the RSVP's are due is getting crazy close but we do have the majority of them in! 

Day 42: Check photographer off the list. CAN I GET A HECK YEAH! Such a huge weight off my shoulders is paying for our photographers. I am so excited to have The Portos photograph our wedding, I am seriously over the moon about it. They are amazing people and some of the best photographers in my opinion. 

Day 41: Sunburns, work and getting Alexis for the weekend. So while I was at work, Jesse and his family went kayaking together for the first time, and of course he got pretty sun burnt. (Yes, I told him he can't do that any closer to the wedding, no red lobster groom for me) We also picked up my niece Alexis for the rest of the weekend.  

Day 40: Traveling around West Michigan with Alexis. I like to think I'm a cool aunt (I really don't know, but I like to think it) so anytime we can spend time with Alexis, Jesse and I try to make it fun. We ended up starting the day with donuts (because why not) and a trip up to Cherry Point Market (where we were going to have lunch, but we ate donuts instead) We then went to Little Sable Point Lighthouse (which exactly a year ago today Jesse and I went to when we spent a weekend away after a family session at Cherry Point, crazy right!!?!) and up to Ludington to this little greenhouse place downtown that sells fairy garden stuff. She ended up picking a little turtle on a rock which was super cute. 

Day 39: Flower surprise. Jesse surprised me with a few flowers for the front from Countryside on his way home from the fish store. (apparently it matters what fish store you get your salt water from, I have no idea about any of this) but of course I had to plant them! (which I don't mind at all) I definitely want to get a few more to add in before the wedding. 

Day 38: Playlist and final lists. As the days are winding down, I know I need to get my lists in order and one of those is the playlist. Jesse and I have pretty different likes in music (I mean if it was up to him it would be all country music, and that's just not me) but I know weddings and what gets people dancing so we'll be alright. 

Things are really coming together (which makes me feel so much better about everything) Next week we hit the one month to go mark, I think we'll be alright. 

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South Haven, Michigan | Sunset Beach Proposal | David + Caitlin


What do you do when your proposal doesn't turn out the way you planned? You roll with it and make it even better. That's exactly what David and Caitlin did, and yes she still said yes! 

I met up with David and Caitlin where Caitlin's family has a lodge on the lake in South Haven, Michigan. I love unique and personalized proposals, and David took that to a whole new level. He made the ring box for Caitlin, and around the edges he had engraved the things they liked to do and on top it said, will you marry me? 

After we took a few pictures around the lake, we headed to the lodge to do a few pictures on the deck. Well, a few pictures on the deck turned into a big congratulations and celebration. Some of her family knew, but most of them didn't so it was just a ton of fun witnessing their reactions and the celebration with champagne! 

I had so much fun photographing David, Caitlin and the families reaction to their engagement. The night turned out perfectly with tons of laughter, family and love! Congrats again David and Caitlin!!! 

Pen + Pillar | Michigan Product Photographer

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph two of Pen + Pillar's art prints in an at home setting. I always have so much fun photographing products in my home, especially when my cats come and photobomb the shots. 

Thank you to Taylor of Pen + Pillar, your work is absolutely beautiful and I love photographing it! If you haven't yet go check out Pen + Pillar, she has a mix of birthday cards, art prints, journals and more! 

100 Days Till I Do: Week 8

This week we hit the half way point, and I had my (one and only) bridal shower. Overall the week went pretty good, the days are ticking by fast though. Here's a look at week eight! 

Day 51: Brine and prep. If you know anything about me, you know I love to cook (especially things that take a long time) So it's a no-brainer that I'm making pulled pork for my bridal shower. It's a 3-4 day process, which starts out with a brine of pickle juice, spices and some other things.

Day 50: Product pictures and the half way point. We're at the half way point! I really can't believe we're already 50 days to go, days are going by too fast. I spent the day cleaning (which is the theme of this week, for my bridal shower and the wedding itself) and taking product pictures for Pen + Pillar. Of course the cats always love to photobomb when I'm trying to take product pictures in the dining room, it's like they think they run the house. 

Day 49: Cleaning and prepping. I don't like saying I'm a perfectionist, because I'm really not, I just want things to be as perfect as they can be. And let's face it, neither me or Jesse ended up doing all the cleaning and organizing we said we were going to do over the winter. So my days off of work lately have been filled with lots of cleaning and prepping for the wedding. 

Day 48: Spending time with family. My cousin Missy and her daughter Grace came up from Tennessee to see my Grandma and spend some time with family and friends around the area. It was really nice seeing Missy, since the last time I saw her was in 2011 when my Grandma was in the ICU. We ended up going to the craft show in Muskegon, and saw some pretty cool stuff. 

Day 47: Bridal Shower. I've photographed a few bridal showers and baby showers, but having my own was pretty weird. I've never really understood the concept of them except to eat and have another opportunity to give the bride gifts. I am super thankful for Crystal throwing me a pretty amazing shower, but I'm glad I'm only having one! 

Day 46: RELAX. After the last week, it was nice to just sit and relax with Jesse. Things are slowly starting to fall into place and I really can't wait to see what the rest of the month brings. 

Day 45: Proposals and a late night. I don't even know where to start with this one, other than it turned out better that I thought it was going to. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control (which lead to a mini panic attack) but things work themselves out and magic happens. I just want to thank Jesse for being there for me and helping me through panicking and being an amazing assistant. 

Week eight has come and gone, there is going to be a lot more wedding things getting done in the near future! 

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100 Days Till I Do: Week 7

Some weeks are filled with the not-so-glamorous side of wedding planning, CLEANING! I can't really complain though, it has to be done and it's better to start early rather than later. Here's what happened on week seven. 

Day 58: Bathroom Organization. I found these little flexible storage bins at work the other day, and I had to buy them. They came in grey, which is the main color we are repainting the house in, and also they are functional and good looking at the same time. I'm happy with them, and they were only $3 each, so win win! 

Day 57: Just another work day. I always feel like I need to do something wedding related everyday, and life just isn't that. Today I went to work, came home and made dinner, ate dinner, and then sat on the couch with Jesse and watched Fixer Upper till bed. I know there is so much to do yet, but sometimes we both just need a night to do nothing. 

Day 56: Planning, Planning and Prepping. I've been helping Crystal with my bridal shower, since I love to cook so much I'm doing most of the food. So planning out what I need and what I need to do before the party has definitely been an extra task. 

Day 55: Cleaning (for bridal shower, and wedding) Whenever I have time I've been trying to push myself to clean the house and start prepping for the wedding itself. A lot hasn't been done since we moved in as far as organizing and cleaning so I'm trying to get as much done as I can. 

Day 54: Stress and Breakdowns. Today, I hit a brick wall. Everything today really got to me, Jesse and I were planning on making a little trip to a farm together after watching my grandma while my parents got some time away, but it decided to downpour. After that I really just broke down. Between working a 40 hour job (to help pay for the wedding), running my business, spending time with my grandma/watching her when my parents want to get away, wedding planning and my tendinitis getting worse, I'm just at my max. The time I spend with Jesse is dinner, maybe a little bit of TV and sleeping and with my wrists always hurting I've just lost a lot of motivation. I'm just hoping things get better. 

Day 53: Mulch. We went out and bought mulch for the front of the house, and I absolutely love it. Pro tip: look for open bags of mulch at the hardware store, they usually have them on a cart for 50% off! 

Day 52: Happy 4th of July! Both Jesse and I had to work today, but can't really complain about time and a half. Since we both have to work early in the morning we decided it would be best to stay at home instead of going out to the firework show. 

Next week we will be at the half way mark, I can't believe we are already this far. Days are going by so quick, I hope everything falls into place!

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100 Days Till I Do: Week 6

This week, we made the two month mark. Boy am I getting nervous. Here's what happened this week. 

Day 65: Workout number two. Rachel and I had our second workout at Fitbody Bootcamp. The workouts are challenging, fast pace and pretty fun. I'm quite excited for the next few weeks here at bootcamp! 

Day 64: New client gifts. I'm so excited for these new bottles I ordered for my new wedding client gifts! I am a huge fan of practical gifts and I think these are the perfect fit, I mean who doesn't need a water bottle! 

Day 63: Editing, editing, editing. Between work, second shooting, keeping up the house and spending time with my grandma I feel like my time for editing is sporadic as ever. I am always thankful when I have a few hours to just sit down and knock out some beautiful images.  

Day 62: Wedding in St. Joe. I love second shooting with other photographers, it really gives me a perspective on different styles of shooting and I love meeting photographers I haven't worked with before! 

Day 61: TWO MONTHS! I can't believe we made it to this mark, I feel like there is so much to do and really no time to do it in. But I'm right on schedule where I need to be with planning. 

Day 60: The List. Since yesterday was the two month mark, I made a list of the expenses we have left for the wedding. It's a short list, but expensive!! 

Day 59: Hair appointment. Today I had my yearly hair appointment (seriously, I only do it once a year, and it's usually a gift from my parents) The lady who cuts my hair has been doing my hair for about 15 years now, (it's super cute when she says she is proud of me and gets excited about my photography) so she wanted to see what my hair is going to look like for my wedding. 

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