One of the first things you will notice about me is that I am SUPER SHORT, and use it to my advantage. I've always felt that I’m a more detail oriented person because of it and from what I’ve heard I have some pretty awesome photo ninja skills.

My story on how I got into photography is a bit different than most; no one in my family was a photographer and I didn’t love it since I was a kid. In high school I originally wanted to become an epidemiologist, but my cousin kept telling me that I had “the eye” for photography. It could have been a few too many glasses of wine, but what she said stuck. I spent the rest of high school and college experimenting and learning as much photo info as I could both on my own and in school.

My husband Jesse and I love trying out new breweries around Michigan and anywhere we travel, especially if they have a good sour. Also…yes, we had a unity volcano at our wedding. Shout out to my bestie Rachel and her fiance Matt for working all summer on it and hosting our ceremony!

I am a proud Hufflepuff, ENFJ and an Enneagram 2w3.

Sydney is one of the nicest people we have ever met! She let us just be “us”...Everything was natural and relaxed, which fit the theme of our wedding. Her responses were always in a timely manner, and we never had any concerns with our entire process...Meeting Sydney is like meeting someone you’ve felt you’ve known your entire life. She made the entire process simple. You never felt rushed, or forced into something you know won’t look right.
— Brooke + Brad
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My love of photography and especially weddings comes from being able to photograph couples in love and their connection with the people around them. I love looking at my own wedding photos and seeing the photos of my friends having fun on the dance floor and the smiles both me and my husband had on our faces after saying I do; these images bring me right back to those moments. That’s what I want for you, and that’s what I want for all of my couples. I put my all into every couple that I work with and am totally here for the long haul and even after your wedding. The photos I give you will be your first heirlooms as a married couple for generations to look back on and see one of the best days of your life.

In your wedding gallery I can promise you there will be tons of laughter, smiles and even some happy tears. If you're choosing a photographer based on price alone, I can't compete and I'm not the photographer for you - and that’s okay! You should be picky about your wedding photographer, just like I’m picky with how many weddings I take every year. If you want the best overall experience, quick email replies, be completely taken care of every step of the way - from planning to receiving your wedding pictures and see your portraits printed on your walls, I'm your girl.


Sydney Marie Photography couples are wonderful humans. They love to have fun, are madly in love and are the perfect complement to each other. They are the couples that want more than just pretty pictures, they want a personalized wedding experience with their photographer.

Does this sound like you? I can’t wait to meet you!


You’re still here? I like you already.



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