One of the first things you will notice about me is that I am SUPER SHORT, and I love it! I've always felt that I’m a more detail oriented person because of it, which is probably why I love photographing rings so much!

My top two loves are beer and cats (seriously, which is why we should be friends). I love trying out new breweries around Michigan and anywhere I travel, especially if they have a good sour. My cats are seriously my life, and you will see tons of pictures of them on my Instagram stories. They are named after my favorite 60’s musicians, and one of my cats plays fetch!!

I am a proud Hufflepuff and an Enneagram 2w3.


This is my Aura. In simple terms an aura is the energy that surrounds and is generated by something. So let’s dive into mine (you can read the full description of the meanings on Aura Aura’s guide):

Starting on the right, I am taking in dark red, which means I work A LOT. Which is not a bad thing!!! Red also means passion and leadership, my business is my passion and I will take leadership during your session/wedding to get the pictures you want in the time we have.

Anything above my head is present, which is a mix of magenta, orange, yellow and tan. I am creative, detail oriented, analytical and I put high value on relationships with others. I am always thinking of ways to make my client experience better and how I can create amazing images for my clients. (this goes along with my love language, which is gift giving)

My persona is blue, which really just means I keep my cool and handle situations calmly and I’m empathetic.

Lastly, over my heart is violet. I’m showing that I have a drive to do something important with my life and that to me is be an amazing wedding photographer.




Sydney is one of the nicest people we have ever met! She let us just be “us”...Everything was natural and relaxed, which fit the theme of our wedding. Her responses were always in a timely manner, and we never had any concerns with our entire process...Meeting Sydney is like meeting someone you’ve felt you’ve known your entire life. She made the entire process simple. You never felt rushed, or forced into something you know won’t look right.
— Brooke + Brad