100 Days Till I Do: Week 12

What a week. But seriously, what a week. Between work, all the crazy tourists in town and trying to get wedding stuff done it's been LONG. The days are winding down quick, it's almost here and I can't wait! 

Day 23: Hello Wednesday. This week is just a little to crazy to do anything. With Coast Guard Festival there are about an extra 20,000 people in this town and going anywhere (besides work) is just not a thing. 

Day 22: Working on centerpieces. With the venue we picked out, I made the decision to make our own centerpieces. I have to say I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out. It's been a little frustrating with my tendinitis doing the delicate work, but Jesse has been a huge help!  

Day 21: Last minute items and getting our marriage licence. We finally had a chance to get out of town and go up by the mall to get picture related things I need for the wedding. I bought two bouquet charms and some picture frames for the reception. We also had time to stop at the courthouse and pick up our marriage licence. Thanks to the random guy who told us where to go, too many rooms and places with the same name there. 

Day 20: Relaxing with friends and enjoying Coast Guard Festival. Coast Guard Saturday is a tradition for the last few years of going to my friend Julie's house and watching the parade and spending the whole day there till the fireworks. I love being surrounded by amazing people and of course hanging out with Julie's new pup, Bailey. She fell asleep in Jesse's arms during the parade probably the cutest thing ever. 

Day 19: AMAZON ORDER!!! It's okay to be that bride, really it's okay. I ordered all the last minute gifts I could think of and a few other things from Amazon. I'm pretty sure the mailman was not happy with all the stuff that came to the door. (sorry no sneak peeks just some empty boxes) 

Day 18: Checking off paid vendors. I feel down to the wire with some things but, that's really how it goes. Some vendors require final payment 30 days beforehand and some really don't have a defined date. So I'm doing my best by keeping track, only a few more things to pay for and we are done! 

Day 17: When registry gifts show up. I'm not going to lie, I look at my registry once a week. I just can't help it. So I did look today and saw that someone bought the Keurig that Jesse wanted. So when we got home there was a big Target box on the steps, I knew it had to be that. So I let him open it, which was pretty cute seeing his reaction. Thanks so much to my cousin Missy for the wonderful gift. Also, come on people I got a good mix of prices on my registry buy that **** up! (I mean, just kidding, but not because new kitchen and such and a few under $10 items aren't going to break the bank) 

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100 Days Till I Do: Week 11

Time is flying by so fast, and the little things are adding up quickly! We're into August now, which is crazy to even think about. Cheers to week 11, three and a half weeks to go till the big day! (GAH THAT MAKES ME NERVOUS!!!) 

Day 30: Domes, donuts and a long drive home. Rachel and I took a little bit of time in the morning before leaving Milwaukee to explore the area. By our Airbnb was a little donut shop, and oh my goodness it had some amazing donuts. We also went and explored the Domes, which is a big beautiful conservatory. 

Day 29: Back to the work grind. Hustle and Flow was a huge eye opener for me and my business, and I can't wait to make the changes I need to my brand and business. But right now I'm on a pretty long stretch of working everyday so it's going to be a lot of late nights between the day job, working on my business and getting all these last minute wedding things done. 

Day 28: Timelines, emails and last minute things. Doing everything on your own for your wedding is a lot, especially when you're like me and are juggling making others timelines for their big day. I also have a giant Amazon order going of all the last minute things we need, including gifts for our parents/wedding party and the shoes I finally picked out. 

Day 27: Working on a new website design. I'm not going to lie, I haven't been 100% happy with the layout of my website, but now that I have the kick in the pants to make a better website I'm going all out and creating something pretty magical and beautiful. I can't wait to release it into the world. 

Day 26: Flea on Seventh. This awesome flea market is put on by one of my friends, Joyce who owns Vintage Green. Head over to this blog post to see more images and to learn more about Flea on Seventh. 

Day 25: Applying for our marriage licence (holy cow, this is getting real) Happy day 25! I love how easy it was to apply for our marriage licence. Everything was online, fill in the blanks, no blood test (which I think is crazy that some states still do them!) just have to wait three days to go to the courthouse to pick it up!

Day 24: Kids Day. I had the opportunity through work to volunteer for Coast Guard Festival Kids Day. It was a ton of fun! We handed out workshop kits to about 1,000 kids, seeing their faces light up was so rewarding! Although it was really my only day off in a 9 day stent, but it was really worth it. 

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Grand Haven, Michigan | Flea on Seventh | Review

Let me start off with, I am so excited that Flea on Seventh came back for another year. This is the second annual Flea on Seventh, and I hope it becomes a Coast Guard Festival staple. Thanks again to Joyce of Vintage Green for putting on this amazing market! 

Over 40 vendors participated in this awesome event, from cleaning supplies to refurbished furniture to flowers, there was something for everyone. Comparing this year to last year, I can definitely tell that there was more vendors and more people coming out to check out the market. I love being involved in my community and watching events like this grow! I can’t wait for next year; I had an amazing time talking to some of the vendors and even bought a few items myself! Thank you again Joyce for all your hard work, the day couldn’t have turned out better!

If you are in the Grand Haven area, make sure to stop into Joyce’s store, Vintage Green. I always find something unique there that I always have to take home with me! 


grand-haven-coast-guard-festival-flea-on-seventh-market-sydney-marie-photography (8).jpg

100 Day Till I Do: Week 10

This week has been a good mix of wedding and business, so I really can't complain. The days are really ticking down now but it's going to be so worth it. Still have some odds and ends to work on, but we'll get there. Here's what happened in week ten! 

Day 37: Work grind. Gearing up for being gone for three days, I've been getting as much emailing and work done as possible. Of course, someone thinks otherwise, and believes that the spot between my computer and keyboard is his place to be. But, he was pretty well behaved while I was working. 

Day 36: Unsuccessful trip to find shoes.  Ever since I had to change how long my dress was going to be it's been so hard to find a pair of flats I love and feel bridal but not take away from my dress. Jesse and I went to every shoe store around the mall and still couldn't find anything, I really don't know what to do. 

Day 35: Final dress fitting. I was so happy my mom got to come with me for my final dress fitting, OMG MY DRESS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING AHHHH! Sorry, no sneaks again but Jesse and I went out with our friend Rachel to watch her boyfriend's band play at one of the local bars. It was a ton of fun! 

Day 34: Carla + Iris' wedding. I've been friends with these two since 2013 and when I heard they were getting married I was sooooo excited! They've been together seven years so it's about time! The day was so beautiful, I'm so happy I got to photograph the wedding and enjoy some of the reception as a guest. 

Day 33: Packing. This photo makes me laugh. My cats were taking turns at who was going to jump in/on my suitcase while I was packing. I know they hate when I leave and make it VERY apparent that they don't want me to go (or maybe they want to come with, who knows) 

Day 32: Trip to Wisconsin. Rachel came and picked me up to head to Wisconsin for the business photography workshop we are going to. We are meeting up with our friend Meagan at the Airbnb we booked.  

Day 31: Hustle + Flow. All the things I can say right now, this was seriously the BEST workshop I have ever been to. The Hons are two amazing people and it was a pleasure learning from them. I can't wait to implement everything I learned from them! 

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100 Days Till I Do: Week 9

This week is all about lists. Between making lists, checking lists and checking off lists, it's a nose to the grindstone week. I can't complain too much, overall it's been an amazing week and I love spending it with the people I love and care about. Here's to week nine! 

Day 44: Odds and ends. It's so exciting to be finally taking care of some of final details for the wedding. Today I ordered hangers for the girls and me and also took care of our wedding favor donations. The numbers are dropping quickly, and there is so much detail to be done yet. But everything is really coming together. 

Day 43: Guest list, last call. We spent some time looking over who we haven't heard from yet from the guest list and sent out some messages asking if they were still coming. The deadline till the RSVP's are due is getting crazy close but we do have the majority of them in! 

Day 42: Check photographer off the list. CAN I GET A HECK YEAH! Such a huge weight off my shoulders is paying for our photographers. I am so excited to have The Portos photograph our wedding, I am seriously over the moon about it. They are amazing people and some of the best photographers in my opinion. 

Day 41: Sunburns, work and getting Alexis for the weekend. So while I was at work, Jesse and his family went kayaking together for the first time, and of course he got pretty sun burnt. (Yes, I told him he can't do that any closer to the wedding, no red lobster groom for me) We also picked up my niece Alexis for the rest of the weekend.  

Day 40: Traveling around West Michigan with Alexis. I like to think I'm a cool aunt (I really don't know, but I like to think it) so anytime we can spend time with Alexis, Jesse and I try to make it fun. We ended up starting the day with donuts (because why not) and a trip up to Cherry Point Market (where we were going to have lunch, but we ate donuts instead) We then went to Little Sable Point Lighthouse (which exactly a year ago today Jesse and I went to when we spent a weekend away after a family session at Cherry Point, crazy right!!?!) and up to Ludington to this little greenhouse place downtown that sells fairy garden stuff. She ended up picking a little turtle on a rock which was super cute. 

Day 39: Flower surprise. Jesse surprised me with a few flowers for the front from Countryside on his way home from the fish store. (apparently it matters what fish store you get your salt water from, I have no idea about any of this) but of course I had to plant them! (which I don't mind at all) I definitely want to get a few more to add in before the wedding. 

Day 38: Playlist and final lists. As the days are winding down, I know I need to get my lists in order and one of those is the playlist. Jesse and I have pretty different likes in music (I mean if it was up to him it would be all country music, and that's just not me) but I know weddings and what gets people dancing so we'll be alright. 

Things are really coming together (which makes me feel so much better about everything) Next week we hit the one month to go mark, I think we'll be alright. 

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South Haven, Michigan | Sunset Beach Proposal | David + Caitlin


What do you do when your proposal doesn't turn out the way you planned? You roll with it and make it even better. That's exactly what David and Caitlin did, and yes she still said yes! 

I met up with David and Caitlin where Caitlin's family has a lodge on the lake in South Haven, Michigan. I love unique and personalized proposals, and David took that to a whole new level. He made the ring box for Caitlin, and around the edges he had engraved the things they liked to do and on top it said, will you marry me? 

After we took a few pictures around the lake, we headed to the lodge to do a few pictures on the deck. Well, a few pictures on the deck turned into a big congratulations and celebration. Some of her family knew, but most of them didn't so it was just a ton of fun witnessing their reactions and the celebration with champagne! 

I had so much fun photographing David, Caitlin and the families reaction to their engagement. The night turned out perfectly with tons of laughter, family and love! Congrats again David and Caitlin!!!