20 Wedding Day Essentials That You Didn't Know You Needed

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Being a wedding photographer, I've seen and learned a few things about weddings and wedding day prep. There is usually an aunt or grandma who has a big box full of random items that end up being needed. With any wedding day you never know what is going to happen, here are 20 items that most people don't think about when prepping for their wedding day.

  • Wedding timeline and the numbers for all your vendors. Having your timeline on hand as well as any vendor phone numbers is key for wedding day success. At one of my past weddings, the limo broke down and I ended up calling the bride after 20 minutes of waiting at the photo location. NO GOOD. Let your vendors know what is going on if there is any problems!

  • Blotting Sheets. This was my number one at my own wedding, I even gave little packs of them to my wedding party. For summer weddings or if you're oily with makeup on, blotting sheets save the day!

  • Cough Drops. My favorite are actually Vitamin C drops, they help with any kind of cough you might have. Perfect for the ceremony!

  • Pantyliners/tampons/pads. You never know when and where Aunt Flo is going to show up, be prepared. Your ladies will thank you!

  • Glue/Glue Dots. If anything, glue dots are a life saver. They can be used for pretty much any tear or anything you need glued together in a hurry.

  • Lighter. A lighter can seal a fraying ribbon, seal a plastic bag and so much more.

  • Clear Nail Polish. So much more than just a shiny coat, nail polish can be used to re-glue gems on bouquets and belts or seal a fraying ribbon.

  • Straws. Bringing cans of soda or bottles of water? Bring some straws too, keep your lipstick fresh and on your lips!

  • Breath Strips. Choose breath mints or strips over gum! Especially for pictures, no one wants to see gum in your mouth mid chew.

  • Cotton Pads. They are seriously have so many uses. From using them to remove nail polish, apply/remove makeup and cleanup!

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  • Pepto Bismol/Tums. Someone will need it, promise.

  • Poo-Pouri. I know, I know. But seriously, hear me out. There are so many getting ready areas in venues that have one small stall/bathroom. Number 2 is going to happen, might as well make the best of the situation (and yes, this stuff works!)

  • Baby Powder. Not everyone has the perfect thigh gap, baby powder is amazing for the summer season and reducing chaffing.

  • Tweezers: Bad brows? Got a splinter? Tweezers can do that and so much more.

  • Floss. Floss is a serious fix all! Since it's white and thin, it's a perfect camouflage on a wedding dress bustle or tie snaps.

  • Sewing Kit with Scissors. If I had to count how many times I've had to sew someone into their dress... seriously having a small sewing kit is a top essential, plus you will need scissors (there is always one bridesmaid that didn't take the tag off their dress).

  • Band Aids. Because blisters, high heels (I'd also recommend getting pre-heels!!) and those accidental cuts from last minute decorating.

  • Eye Drops. As a girl with contacts, I always have eye drops on me. You never know what could happen, or who is a little hungover from the night before.

  • Stain Stick/Pen. You're sitting in your dress, eating a sandwich and a mustard covered tomato falls on you. What do you do, grab the stain stick.

  • Static & Wrinkle Spray. PLEASE SOMEONE BRING SOME, especially for chiffon dresses. You'd be amazed how easy bridesmaids dresses wrinkle and get full of static, even after steaming for what feels like forever.

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Weddings are days of celebration and fun, being prepared for the little unexpected things will help the day run smooth. I hope this list helps you with your wedding day prep!